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6th Grade Newsletter March 6, 2017



Personal Narratives, analyzing dramas, read 20 minutes each night

2 AR books due by March 31st to receive Book It coupon




Use Mapping Diagrams and Ordered Pairs to Display Functions

Use Equation in Two Variables to Write Functions

Describe Functions Using Input-Output Tables




We will begin studying cells and how all living things are made of one or more cells. We will also be reviewing charts and graphs.



Social Studies

Test Wednesday over the fall of the Roman Empire, study guide will be sent home on Monday.

Arkansas History from Louisiana Purchase to pioneers

work on writing skills




*March 7th- Pee Wee basketball game @ home (Kensett) 4:30

          Pep Rally

*March 13th- Pee Wee basketball @ Bradford 4:30

*March 14th Pee Wee basketball @ South side Batesville 4:30

*March 16th- Pee Wee basketball game @ home (White County central) 4:30