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AMI Day Documents




*Write a list of ten phonics words with blends. Draw a picture for 1 word and write a sentence with another word.


Watch the weather with your family. Discuss any patterns that you see and make one prediction.


Write the numbers from 0-100.


Make up a number that has a 3 in the hundreds place, and a 7 in the ones place. Add 10 to your number.


*Make up a number that has a 8 in the tens place and write it in expanded form.


Help your parent write a grocery list.


Read a book with a flashlight and illustrate your favorite part.


Write down the name of one place you would like to visit and why.


Read a book and complete the Book Report form(on back).


Read in your pajamas and then write one sentence for the beginning, one sentence for the middle, and one for the end.


Make up a two-digit number that has a 9 in the ones place. Then write a number that is less than your first number.


*Write 3 phonics words for each of the following (-tch, -dge, and es)


Make out a timeline for your snow day. Please include the times for each event.


Write three numbers greater than 150 and three numbers less than 150

(ex. 100<150, 188>150)


Solve the word problem:

A yard has 3 rows of snowballs and there are 5 snowballs in each row. How many snowballs are in all?


Read a recipe for the cook in your family and write a list of the ingredients.


Homework Bingo is a way for our students to practice important skills but still spend time with their family! We hope you enjoy this alternative to traditional homework. Please initial and date each box when your child has completed it. In order to bingo they must have four in a row. Do not do more than four a day so this can account for multiple AMI days. Then, your child will sign the homework sheet and turn it in.! Please keep all paper and materials in this envelope when finished and send back the completed work within 5 days of the snow day.     

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*Note: Expanded Form- 70+4=74, 10+3=13

Phonics Examples: -tch: catch, -dge: judge, -es: roses Blends: pl, st, sn, shr, dr, sp, fl, cr, squ, nd, ct, lf